Rotary helps children all around the world
Rotary helps children in your community and in countries around the world.
Rotary has worked to wipe out polio all over the world
Rotary has worked to wipe out polio.
Young people join an arm of Rotary called Rotaracters
Young people join an arm of Rotary called Rotaracters
Paul Harris, founder of Rotary International, as a young man
Paul Harris as a young man
Paul Harris grew up in rural Vermont
As a child, Paul Harris bathed in a tin tub in the kitchen
Paul Harris as a child
Paul Harris as a child

Paul Harris, Grow UP!

A Book for children about the Founder of Rotary

Written and Illustrated by Irene Herz

I am writing to tell you that your book is a big success in Namibia!...[Y]our book is very, VERY POPULAR...They really enjoy it and it is a pleasant read for them...I was wondering if you could send us 40 copies of your book.

Mary Beth Gallagher
Bernhard Nordkamp Centre, Namibia

"...wonderfully amusing"

Karl Milde
District Governor, 2009-2010
Rotary District 3270

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Paul Harris was not a perfect child.

He and his friends got into a great deal of mischief when he was growing up in Vermont. He spent his young adult years wandering from one job to another -- cowboy, actor, fruit picker - Paul Harris tried them all. But then he settled down and became the founder of the premier service organization, Rotary International, which boasts over one million members in over one hundred countries.

Harris' story is inspiring, not only for the great achievements of the organization he founded, but also for the fact that he was a flawed figure. As a boy who overcame faults in himself, he serves as a model for children who might feel that a hero like George Washington or Abraham Lincoln is too perfect for an ordinary child to be able to emulate.