children's biography of Paul Harris, Rotary founder

Paul Harris, Grow UP!

A Book for children about the Founder of Rotary

Written and Illustrated by Irene Herz

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As a boy, Paul Harris was a rapscallion.

Rapscallion. That's what they called boys who got into trouble in the 1800's when Paul Harris was growing up. Nobody in town but his grandfather and his grandmother ever thought Paul would amount to anything when he grew up.

As a young man, Paul Harris was a drifter.

For five years after he finished law school he wandered from one job to another — cowboy, actor, fruit picker — Paul Harris tried them all. He wandered from state to state and country to country. It looked like the folks who thought he was a no-account had been right.

But then he settled down

After bumming around the U.S. and Europe, Paul finally moved to Chicago and buckled down to make himself a success as a lawyer. There, in 1905, with three friends, he founded the premier service organization, Rotary International, which today boasts over one million members in over one hundred countries.

Use this book for your literacy projects

Rotary International has a wonderful, inspiring story to tell to children. Since one of the goals of Rotary is to encourage literacy, why not use Paul Harris, Grow UP! to help children learn about Rotary as they learn to read. The author will sell copies of this book at cost to any Rotary Club who wishes to use it for a literacy project.